what does god look like?

this description is based on picture page 5 of Picture Pages 3000

as mammal-man, he'll never be mammal man again, he looked to be about twenty-five

he's so good looking it hurts

is devastatingly shy

you've seen shyness in a child

it's difficult to imagine that quality in a fully-grown man let alone god

she/he will be with us when the earth can longer sustain life; about five thousand million years from now

by then we will be living in space and we will have a life-span of many millions of years

by then we will also have the knowledge that each new Recurrence
throughout the cycle-time of the universe, which is one raised to the one-hundredth power years, will be considerably longer than the previous one and this longevity trend will continue until Fulfilment is achieved

in fact long before he is with us the sense of permanency of being will be a given and the thought of not being will be as alien a concept to us then as endless life is to most ordinary people alive today

the answer to the question "what does he look like" is three-fold

1 at the moment he is in cellular form or perhaps even the Simplest known form of life*

2 in five thousand million years he will be man-shaped and will look and have attributes even more appealing than he did as mammal-man

it's probably the case he won't want to stand out from others, so from a looks point of view, we will be recognisable individually but the differences won't be as obvious as they are now

3 it will be when we have changed into Heavenly Bodies
 that his true qualities will come into play

space can accomodate infinite dimensions

our shape changes in each new Dimension and so does the quality of our characteristics, which are visible

hope you're on The Train,
'cos here we go again, and this time we do not stop