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the six-year plan
01012019 to 311220255 years, 7 months to go
02052020the Oligarchs intend, via the coronavirus, to make our lives a misery
the countries in which they control the media are… the u.k., the usa, canada, new zealand, australia, india…
the only country which is openly challenging their lies is the u.s.a.(see Infowars) see also Conspiracy
things are happening a lot faster than anticipated
we need to respond equally quickly
you-know-who willing, we will be able to alert and avert the mass vaccination of the people of new britain and beat the conspirator’s to the punch
one thing you can do is get a free website from WordPress
the URL of your website can be almost anything
“janice&john’s media”
put in the basic information about what’s happening… coronavirus is how the global conspirator’s are tightening their grip of controlling us
link to any and everything at this website and put in links to anything else you think people will be able to relate to
if you feel so bold, you can name your website “janice&john’”
it won’t be difficult to set up a nationwide radio network
livestreams and 24/7 t.v. feeds could be up and running within months
starting tomorrow, 03052020, will livestream for a couple of hours, click Here to watch

food may become more and more scarce or more and more expensive
stock up with basics… powdered potato, powdered milk etc.
2025 is significant in at least two) different ways
1, it marks the end of generation 2000 and the beginning of generation 2025
2, it is the end of the opportunity for the oliigarch’s to choose the future offered in the entry “Open letter to the oligarch’s”
organise yourselves into groups of three to twelve and consider yourselves as ethical group-entities (egee’s)
mixed and unmixed groups
a mix of genders and ages for groups
all-female and all-male groups
it is suggested the groups be formed from people who have been known to you for years
this may be what determines the size of your group
the secret services can listen to what you are saying in your home through the landline phone and, of course, the computer and mobile phone
Maj 12* also have the technology to transmit the sound of a voice from a satellite into your living room*(if maj 12 have something, britain has access to it)
this may mean that, like a telephone, they can listen in on you from a satellite you as well
try to have two kitchen waste bins by the end 2023
one for items which can be recycled and one for those which can’t
***the quality of the food that will be imported from outside of the e.u. will be below current standards
buy from the shops that stock the most e.u. food… lidl, iceland, aldi…
***the possibility of two different groups conceiving of the same plan
***for a way of communicating not using mobile phones… Citizens band radio
can the distance of the transmission be varied to hundreds of metres or less ?
learn morse code? apply to sound/light/touch/movement
blue tooth (five to ten metres[test the range beforehand])
carrier pigeons
***familiarise yourself with the informatiion on This (link 1), This (link 2), and This page (about one-hour of reading)
***check dreams diary (start page) daily 
dreams are “hot off the press” so to speak
being behind by a few days can make a difference
dreams are also the closest we can get to being instructed collectively by you-know-who
***use cash for every transaction
to get an in-depth grasp of the way the jews have connived and deceived their way into the fabric of world trade over the centuries and millenniums see This (link 3) and This (link 4)
to understand why it happened see This link
for an insight into the psychopathy of the jewish mindset – see This (link 5)
the legal way
Precedents and Equityas ea
we know from the Guildford four and the Birminghamy ap six that the british legal system is corrupt (in the pockets of the oligarch’s)
don’t expect too much
when possible use your computer off-line
above top secret
ufo’s and e.t.’s
this is the secret that the three cliques mentioned in the Lead article want to keep screwed down tight
why ?
the military is letting Devolving beings of the dinosaur class of man-shaped beings abduct ordinary people and doing nightmarish things to them in exchange for technology (see link 1)
it would be unwise to stand on a street corner handing out flyers spelling things out
what can be done though is talk about the subject within earshot of other people
“i know a bloke who’s been visited by three female e.t.’s”
“i’ve never seen a u.f.o. but with billions of stars, there’s bound to be other living things in the universe”
use the idea of e.t.’s in a matter of fact way…
“you’ve got no more chance of marrying my daughter than you have of seeing a u.f.o.”
“i’d rather be abducted by an e.t. than do a job like that”
after the christmas general election, there was talk of the conservatives being in office for the next ten years
now how could anyone project that when the next general election isn’t for another five years?
use the mainstream media in subtle ways to influence sleeple’s thinking (as was done before last christmas)
or perhaps with more islamic attacks
rigging the vote
swapping the original ballot papers for phoney ones(this website believes “vote-rigging” was used to cinch the brexit vote as well as the general election)
did any of you follow the suggestion to “individualise” your ballot paper by putting a discreet mark on the ballot paper and asking to see which pile it was in?
change the law and make the term of office ten years
(project camelot)