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the art of pleasure
see also the dream of 28102018
pleasure is put into three categories
pituitary pleasure
the pleasure of x
the pleasure of laughter/smiling
pituitary pleasure
pituitary pleasure is considered to be the superior form of pleasure
when a person is in a certain frame of mind and thinking along certain lines (propitiously/magnanimously) the Pituitary gland releases chemicals into the brain and it produces a feeling exactly the same as the feeling accompanying ejaculation
the writer has experienced this twice
it doesn’t leave you feeling drained and it can occur seconds later and seconds after that and seconds…
the quality of the deeds which follow this feeling become enhanced
the pleasure of x
notes 1
the practicing of the art of pleasure will probably take millenniums or, more likely, milliards to accomplish

x pleasure
the Details of the pleasure of x
smiling and laughing
a “beamer” smile
this pic below doesn’t catch the expression of the smile of Cherub but it’s the closest to it in a bing search

Why we feel pleasure when we smile and Laugh     the harder you laugh the greater the feeling of Pleasure
there was this time when there were about eight of us in a room
at one point i was laughing so hard it made me lose my strength and i had to get on my hands and knees to stop myself from falling onto the floor and lying helplessly on my back
when on my knees, the laughing began interferring with my breathing and i had to crawl out of the room on my hands and knees when i felt i was going to pass out from hyper-ventilation
wonder what would have happened if i had

there is a difference between group love and group x
if you’re treading the evolutionary path then your imaginings as to what group-love in heaven entails is as good as mine
first, we are linear shape
we’ll keep it simple and project we’re all two-dimensional Equilateral triangles
there only three ways we can touch each other
1, through the three points every triangle has
2, through the three edges/sides
3, the maximum area of touch is being side by side with three points of both triangles in the same place
we’ll indulge in a flight of fancy and say that when one of the three points of either triangle touches a point of the other it is the equivalent of a kiss
when the sides touch it is the equivalent of an embracing kiss
side by side with all points of both triangles in the same place is conjoinment
try and imagine the points of a hundred-thousand million triangles touching and the pleasure that accompanies it
another projection is… the way a triangle can be “inside” another triangle is for a two-dimensional triangle to be in a three dimensional triangle

so, a two-dimensional triangle inside a three-dimensional triangle, a three-dimensional triangle inside a four-dimensional triangle, a four… all the way up to a hundred-thousand million dimensions !
the above may be an insight into the mechanism of our characteristic of increasing endlessness
it makes good common sense to imagine that we can make contact as a “block or group” whilst experiencing the endless variations of straight-line-action of endless space
the word lust carries the connotation of self-indulgence
self-indulgence is not a characteristic of love
join with me in distinquishing the difference between pleasure-for-self, and then practice it, by putting one, some and eventually all other beings before self
the rewards are mightily great