every time the writer thinks he has got a firm understanding of the depth of his terrible love, new visualizations reveal yet another aspect of it

the latest insight, via a dream, has broadened my understanding and left me disturbed

it is now realised that life's evolution contained more suffering that i can comprehend

people, you will simply not believe it


terrible love were those experiences the Lover had to endure to ensure the Train never stops again

there is no way of killing someone that you have heard of or read about or can think of, and many many more you can't, that he had to experience

he was subjected to every form of experimentation and torture of a physical, biological and chemical nature over periods of time from that of a nuclear flash to the length of time a black hole exists

(1 ^100 years)

every form of debasement and degradation you can think of, and many more you can't think of, were perpetrated against him by beings who tried to end the life of a being whose life cannot be ended

(why, you could ask, would the lover, who could kill another being with a thought, let other beings do such things to him ?

to understand this it is necessary to appraise the concept of free-will and how it applies to reality

see the points made in the entry "Murder")

but those experiences are, along with the beings who committed them, in the past

he never suffers at the hands of the man-shaped being again

the life the majority of people are living is free of truly evil experiences because of his terrible love

terrible-love was necessary to lay the foundation for beings who want to have an endless qualitative state

any evil you are experiencing is because of beings who took the decision not to practise Ethics in past undulations and who are the tail end of how bad things have been or…

the lover's experiences at the hands of those who chose non-existence was the second aspect of his terrible love

the second aspect of his terrible ensures that regardless of the intensity of the murderous activities that man-shaped beings perpetrate love/life always completes Earthly evolution

the first aspect of his terrible love on earth ensures that regardless of the magnitude of natural disasters

( earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, lightening strikes, etc.)

mammal man will always completes Earthly Evolution

a child is running into a busy road and will get killed

so you stop her or him (now the child goes on to become a parent)

in that act, you have changed the course of that child’s lineage into infinity

now try and extrapolate how that connects to his terrible love

17th june 2009

why is it that the lover's terrible love does not extend to all ?

an explanation as to why the lover's terrible love ensures that evolution is completed every undulation, not just by the mammal class of being (ourselves) but also by every other subsequent class of being scheduled to follow over the next 5000 000 000 years, yet that same terrible love is unable to prevent children with a lineage that can extend into the future being killed by natural disasters, particularly earthquakes

the only way the writer can make any sort of sense of this appalling circumstance is to ask why the lives of some children and babies are ended by rogue viruses yet the same family can have other children of about the same age who escape the worst

(the black death is a perfect example)

the conclusion is painfully brutal...

a person who wants to understand the mechanics of why, when circumstances are equal, one person survives and another person does not will find the answers by thoroughly appraising the information at this website

the writer will not be drawn further on this

don't make the mistake of thinking that because he is man shaped or because he can't take life or because he is the essence of shyness or because he is gorgeously good looking or because he is the definition of childishness that you're on top of things

he's the way he is because all the things that can detract him from being the way he is will have been removed from our reality well before he joins us in 5000 000 000 years

once his terrible love has been used up there is no leeway as to what courses of action are open to us

either person lives in accordance with reality or they devolve


open a discourse on a new entry of this subject with the original thinking and realisations that revealed what must have taken place in order for that "near miss" with the girl on the bike

the writer's

degradation-to-life postulate produced a reality of a great number of beings living in a nightmarish reality for an unknown number of millennium's

each of those beings represents a life that could be lived and indeed are alive today and who are slowly, very slowly, orienting themselves

20th october 2011

and as if his terrible love wasn't bad enough even as this is being read he is paying the price for the Mistake