the previous days experiences

the thoughts, feelings, sights, physical contacts, sounds, tastes, smells of the previous day

most of the time, dreams are, in the writer’s experience, the brain ordering the experience’s of the day before the dream

the quality/content of a dream is determined by the pde’s

being in or out of accord with the nature of love/life (an ever-increasing amount in the quantity and quality of life) will influence the content of your dreams

think of dreams as your mind/soul digesting the pde’s in the same way we think of the digestive system digesting food

what’s best for the mind/soul is not an open question

what’s good or bad for the physiology is not an open question

if we eat food that has salmonella in it we become ill

view dreams as the subconscious “digesting” the pde’s

enjoyable dreams means “quality food” (the pde’s were in accordance with love/life)

bad dreams mean the pde’s were incompatible with love/life and can be thought of as being bad food for the soul

the idea is being explored that there is a mental faculty which produces dreams