on a page elsewhere at this website (for the life of me i can't find it) there is the sentence "nor are evolving beings killed intentionally"

after appraising a picture  (not mentioned until now) it looks like it's more than just possible, indeed, it's even possible that evolving beings may elect for it to happen, and even more incredulously, it may be something which is part and parcel of becoming an evolving being, at the very beginning of her or his evolution

the reasons for this extremely contentious possibility will be explained in full in a new entry called analogies

for now...

there is an easy-to-understand reason why the lover would let this happen...

back in 2009 the writer had a room on skype

on one occasion, when the topic was god's love, a young lady asked the question "why, if he is so loving, would god let me get raped?"

the bitterness in her voice was plain and she was ready to let loose with a tirade of rebuttals of my explanation

my answer was immediate "it's love being generous to a fault"

because we can't conceive of the experience of straight line action it's impossible to appreciate just how unbelievably good it is

why does god allow such intense suffering?

we can refer to an analogy made elsewhere at this website

the parents of a terminally ill baby or toddler don't stop loving their child because it won't live for long

on the contrary, the feelings of love for the baby or toddler swell to bursting point as the parent's try to fill their child's life with happiness

there have been two occasions when the writer has been involved with parents in this situation

the heart-wrenching feelings of the parents watching their baby or toddler dying is probably the saddest experience a person can undergo

the rapist of the girl being referred to has a few moments of gratification

the girl who was raped would, if she had the experiences of the heavenly state to draw upon, gladly suffer what she did

and that's how it is people

the time will come when suffering on earth will be easier to endure when it is understood that suffering gives devolving beings more life

god will take our suffering to the point when, collectively, we think it isn't worth it (world war 1)

dostoyevsky penned it this way... a person suffers all the trials and tribulations of life throughout their entire lifetime and questions again and again why it is happening

the moment the gates of heaven are in sight it becomes clear and he knows why he suffered and knows it was worth it