perpetual motion

it appears not to have occurred to anyone to consider that love may be the mechanism through which the much sought after dream of perpetual motion can be achieved

that science looked for perpetual motion through inanimate mechanical means gives us an insight as to where we were heading

perpetual motion has been the source of many a school-boys dream and grown men too have had the feeling that there may be something in the idea of perpetual motion

but never a reference to love or life

lately, science has demonstrated that the Universe is continually expanding into infinity and the idea of perpetual motion became something real again

but still no reference to love or life

the origin of movement is bound up in the idea of something coming from nothing

the lover started the mechanism of reciprocal motion, now all we've got to do is learn how to do it too

perpetual motion is no more difficult than continuing the function of 1 X 1

and remember, there will always be more time ahead of us than there is behind us, infinitely more