noteworthy notes

the scope of what love/life has accomplished is staggering

love/life "figured out", through the experience of time, that a discontinuous qualitative experience of life is better than a seamless, indifferent one

the implications are enormous

discontinuity is put at twenty-thousand million years

this figure of twenty-thousand million years is the time from the big bang to now plus another five-thousand million years for the time from now to the time when you-know-who is with us

that's twenty-thousand million years in total

love/life can't make it happen any quicker than that

there appears to be a fixed minimum time/event through which love/life must "act out" discontinuity

two things

1, the period of discontinuity is fixed but endlessness is an increasing circumstance

2, we're approximately three-quarters of the way to achieving our goal

look at how fast the time between the big bang and now has gone by

fourteen-thousand million years, poof ! gone, just like that

no time at all really

one more quarter of the time to do and then it's the time-equivalent of 1 ^83.000 planck-time units of straight-line action

approximately, and in round figures, 1^50 planck-times in one year...

ten years - 1^500

one hundred years - 1^5000

one thousand years - 1^50 000

the equivalent of one planck-time of discontinuity every one-thousand years or, two planck-times of discontinuity every two-thousand years or... a milliion planck-times of discontinuity every million years...

there are six-thousand trillion, trillion, trillion planck-times in one second

that's how long there would be between one second of discontinuity and the next... one second of disconituity every 10 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 years if we choose to remain in a discontnuous state for as long as the universe lasts

although picture page "heavenly bodies" show us that transmutation either begins or ends in five-thousand million years

let's not forget what it is love/life is doing

it has created a circumstance in which any and every motion can be experienced in a qualitative way


the more you do it the more you want to do it

have you ever had a dream like that?

the experiences in the dream were as good or better as an awake-time memory and you wanted them to go on

love/life has achieved that

heaven is an awake-dream

it is best enacted through love


some of you will know from experience that some foods can cause unpleasant dreams

we can use the experiences to our advantage

the opposite effect will be happening as well, the right foods will enhance dreams

it might be the case that "good" foods can subdue some of the adverse effects of what might have been to an undesirable dream into a mediocre one, and conversely, what would have  been a great dream turns into a bland dream "good foods" enter into new reference page with sentence locators

a consensus as to what one or the other food is or isn't good or bad has to be moderated with the understanding that the general tone or quality of our thoughts during the day before the dream are the main architects of dreams

a consensus about the ethicality of foods will probably best be arrived at by all of us keeping a dreams diary and a diet diary and comparing the main points of agreement and disagreements

as a mini-goal, let's try to make a dreams diary and a diet diary part of our life-routine by 2030

within ten years the global society should be aware that a progressive and evolutionary society will fare best by sharing, sharing, sharing any and every bit of knowledge

there are computer programmes (databases and spreadsheets) available today which will allow us to assemble and cross-reference volumes of information in seconds

a responsibility society will come to be aware of the need to consider its duty to make every bit of knowledge accessible to everyone, for the benefit of everyone

we're not doing ourselves any favours with the "me, my family, my country first" attitude to life which is (intentionally) having the opposite effect

it's time  to start pushing back the monsters of death

don't forget

they chose it