that which is thought to be Right and Wrong in terms of behaviour

if there wasn’t any life or thought or consciousness or any type of experience then the notion of what is right and what is wrong couldn’t exist in the first place

therefore, excluding those who have chosen not to exist ( the mistake ) , we can all agree, can we not, that the basis for examining whether what we are experiencing is right or wrong is, in the first instance, being

if the above rationale makes sense to you then the whole world of experience and arranging our experiences is as easy as eating pie

right is that which allows us to coninue doing what we think is right

and conversely wrong is that which does not allow us to conyinue to do what we think is right


right is not allowing things to exist which do not let us continue to do those things we think are right

and wrong is allowing things to exist which do not let us continue to do those we think are right

therefore the first , the very first , behavioural trait we have to live by is not to bring into existence anything that can bring about an end to continuing to do things we think are right…

a baby is born

the first thing a baby has to do to continue being is to breathe *

the second thing a baby requires to continue being is food and water **

the third thing a baby has to do to continue being is to be able to excrete superfluous food and water***

* the quality of the air of a baby’s first breath will be a priority when planning the new habitation

**sleeping/dreaming comes second, third or fourth . it may be different from baby to baby and if so there is a reason why there is a difference

*** in the calculable future as our knowledge of diet permits us to refine food and make excretions unnecessary our anuses will seal up

( the absence of an anus will be one of the physical ethical traits that demonstrates genetic compatibility for oriented and orienting beings during love-leeli-len and lov-len )

the fourth thing a baby has to do to continue being is to be able to crawl

there are only a few things in a typical household that can prevent a crawling baby from continuing to be

stairs, electrical outputs, the fire…

again the planning stage of the new habitation will foresee all of the possible dangers

the fifth thing a child has to do to continue being is to walk

this is where the planning of the new habitation will take the cooperation of all people…


it was neils bohr who recognised that every act became a permanent part of reality and stated it thus…” the act of observation cannot occur without the thing being observed being affected by the observation “(the irriversible impression every act of observation produces in the fabric of reality) *but few, if any, of his contemporaries latched on to its profound significanceconsequently this most important insight into nature has lost its place in the annals of scientific discoveriesschrodingers cat by contrast has become part of the languagethe difference between the two different realizations is that schrodingers cat demonstrates the unique course of events accompanying every act but doesn’t highlight a need for responsibility and indeed is a kinda’ fun thingwhereas bohrs’ discovery is a stone cold hard fact that thrusts responsibility directly at the person (which may well be the reason why it has been shunned)complete responsibility for his actions is beyond the ability of contemporary mammal mantry to get your head around the lover having to take total responsibility for all peoples actions( terrible love )* each new undulation is exactly the same as the previous one in terms of physical characteristicsit is an undismissible fact that the universe has to be the way it is, i.e. has to have the precise mass** it has (which may well have to be accurate to within one electron), so that the expansion rate of the universe can give rise to the reality that enables what is happening here and now to you and i to happen every new undulationalso, the consequence of our thoughts and actions have to happen repeatedly so that the characteristics which define who we are compound and produce the outcome of fulfilment, and that fulfilment can and does happen because those things which could prevent it from happening have been been removed via acts of observationall the variables that can flow from our thoughts and actions had to be taken into account so that the desired outcome could, can and does happennothing, from the first stirrings of cellular life until the end of universal time, could be left to chance ( terrible love )let’s hear it for the lover** it may be the case that this is to be seen the other way around… the mass which exists is all of the mass which will ever existNOTEthe individual’s free will in the decision-making process is also an exact repeat of the decisions that were made in previous undulations
e.t.’s understand the physics associated with an observation (when a conscious entity looks at something)when you look or point your camera somehere and look at what it’s focused on, that point where your gaze rests causes a physical effect, which can be detected with mechanical devicesthere are inherent limits as to how precise a measurement can be (see the uncertainty principle)within those constraints though it is possible to measure the affect of an observationwhen you know the detail of an incoming observation you also know how to produce the same thing with an outward bound observationso if you if you know what you’re doing it’s possible to get a conscious entity to look your wayyou may be walking along one day when your attention is “drawn to” and yo