dreams and dream theory    

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

08102014                                            speech-spoken word  influenced dreams            

first scene

explaining to one person in particular in a group of 3 or 4 people about the features of a pen

i told him… “had been trying to buy a pen for the last few years which always wrote when you used it” “all the pens i had bought would need ‘coaxing’ into use when they hadn’t been used for an hour or two”

“it meant running the pen frantically over a part of the page to warm it up”

“the ‘must do something about this’ moment came when i had to fill in a form to get a reduced price on an item”

“as usual the pen needed warming up but there wasn’t any paper to hand to run the pen across”

“it wouldn’t do to use the form and i stood there feeling, and probably looking stupid, while trying to think of how to get around it”

“determined to get a pen that done the job, i had spent £30 on one pen and a similar amount on another and was about to spend even more on another”

“told the salesman what was what and he suggested a pen the shop had in stock”

“bought the pen but wasn’t over confident it would do what was expected”

“later on in the day went on the internet to find a pen that claimed it would always write”

“the pen i had bought in the shop earlier on in the day was a toshiba and so went to their site first”

“2 or 3 searches at the web site and the pen i had  been looking for over the last half dozen years came up on the screen”

“it wrote upside down, on wet paper, in zero gravity and at -20 degrees below freezing”

“the jam on the bread was the price… £12 for 10 pens with a free retractable pencil-pen and 12 refils’ a lifetime of pens for just over a tenner” !

“not only that the pen can cut through a hair from someone’s head”

second scene

someone fetched a length of wire the width of a human hair touched the wire with the end of the pen and the wire separated into two

everybody was thoroughly impressed

dream ended there

there were several themes in this dream but this was the only one that revealed its details


this dream was the result of explaining the virtues of the pen to a group of 4 or 5 people earlier on in the day when were about to play a game of scattegories

applications: we are now at the stage when we can begin to use our dreams to our advantage

we know that dreams can inform us what experiences during the day caused a problem     

we know that thoughts produce the theme of a dream

we know that talking about something in particular can form the theme of a dream

we know that reading about something can produce the theme of a dream

example of application… a parent wants a solution to the problem of why two of her children are ‘always fighting and squabbling’

it will need to be a sincere and genuine attempt to getting a


the parent thinks about it during the day

the parent reads about the problem on the internet (try this link   ) and this link

the parent talks about it to a friend

the parent writes the details into a blog or reads about other people with the same problem (try this link     )120 minutes R.E.M.  types of brain waves – https://mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/04/15/5-types-of-brain-waves-frequencies-gamma-beta-alpha-theta-delta/()

R.E.M. – https://www.verywellhealth.com/the-four-stages-of-sleep-2795920

types of dreams

conscious dreams

consecutive theme dreams (feel-bad)

consecutive theme dreams (feel-good)

consecutive theme dreams (feel-good. self-induced)



dreams within dreams

emotion-based dreams


externalised dreams

fleeting thought influenced


moving-sequence influenced dreams


informative (outlook or attitude)

informative (physiology)

insignificant dreams

kissing dreams


one scene dream

picture-influenced dreams

picture dreams


pre-cognitive determinism


same-day-experiences dreams

same theme dreams

s0000l dreams



straight line action related

tactile (of or having to do with the sense of touch)

the roney analysis

think-read dreams

thought-influenced dreams

two-themed dreams

unremembered dreams

vivid dreams

word/conversation influenced dreams

written word influenced dreams


what’s missing from this list, and is conspicuous by it’s

absence, is a sense of time

length and mass/weight are in it but not time (see reality)