diverticulitis is the result of the excretions of predatory bacteria

the excretions of predatory bacteria seep through the wall of its cell (in much the same way as toxins are flushed out of our body when we sweat) and its excreta can be channeled through  gaps in the walls of the cell (in much the same way as we excrete via the rectum)

a theory is as accurate as its ability to predict

the first question this web site asked when it thought about this definition was "is diverticulitis less common in vegetarians?" this url was at the top of the page of a google search

predatory animals (lions, jackals etc.) can't live on vegetables

predatory insects (wasps and ants) like jam

a diet without sugar and animal tissue/fats (especially hydrogenated or saturated fats. if they are in the food they should be on the ingrediants list on the jar or packet. if they are not listed but they are there, you can, and should, take the company to court)

should starve a predatory organism to death


diverticulitis, along with many other ailments, takes its biggest toll in the elderly

metabolic maintenance is the application of the idea that the purpose of life is to be able to love for as long as possible

the reason for exercising is to break the inner organs natural tendency to adopt a slow decay pattern

although this slow decay pattern represents the limits of human evolution it is possible to live on the very edge the longevity trend

a trend which is in a continual state of expansion

it will come to be understood that the reason we exist in the first place is a consequence of the character of love and that the greatest quantity and quantity of life for any individual will flow from practising love

there is little doubt that ailments can be traced back to ethics