destiny suggests that there is no choice and that there's no point in having a free will

it's true, there is no alternative to the desirable and endless outcome that is Straight line action unless an individual chooses an undesirable endless future

in that sense there is no choice

keep in mind though that Where love lives is a completely unpredictable experience

yes, our destiny is fixed

a destiny in which we will always be increasing in number in an environment which is...

always in motion




incessantly surprising


emotionally flourishing

mentally stimulating

freedom of doing

endlessly changing

potentially infinite...


the idea of destiny isn't immediately embraced by everyone because it carries the implication that there is no free will

excluding Devolving beings it is safe to say that we all have the same aspirations...

happiness, love, health, freedom, long lives, enjoyable company, pleasure...

were a person to make a list of those things they wanted they would find themselves looking at the line above

yes, our destinies are fixed

we can't stop the world from turning

there's nothing anybody can do that can stop the universe from expanding

these and other aspects of reality are part of a fixed destiny

we accept those circumstances and even look forward to them as in the case of a new spring or a new dawn

within those unchangeable events however there is enormous scope to have an effect in our own lives and the lives of other people

a word or a sentence here, a gesture or look there, can have consequences that reach into infinity as surely as the the universe does

it's so easy to bring about permanent change

The Lover has produced (and it is still yet to be appreciated what he had to do and has to do to give us those things we find desirable) the best possible things that reality can accomodate

your dreams and aspirations have already been realized

don't fight against destiny

eagerly embrace it

and it is the wonder of life that love and happiness are destined to outlast both the stars and the universe


each and every one of us has the opportunity to have an affect in the eternal destiny of others

numerically there will be one person today who visits this web site for the first time

a person who, 1^83 000 years ago, also happened upon it for the first time

what that person does after reading these words is the same thing they done all those years ago and it will be what they do again in the time equivalent of 1^83 000 years from now

the writer wishes that you find your way into the future and to that end asks you to click This link