death-outcome assertions

a thought which has been thought so many times it takes on a form within the genetic structure

at the bottom of every murder there is a death-outcome postulate or assertion

death-outcome assertions have to exist in the person before the outcome of murder can occur

no death-outcome assertions within the person, then no form of death-outcome realities will come from the person

there are at least two ways these abstract assertions become part of a person





all death-outcome assertions eventually reduce to a simple-structured thought/sentence


"starve til dead"

death-outcome assertions take hold in the mind when the person is at their physical/mental peak (we all can probably appreciate the reason/s why such a profound decision has to take place when our mind's and bodies are at their healthiest)

in the writer's case death outcome assertions came to the fore when he was seventeen

the moment is clearly remembered

i was in the company of three or four of my peers

the details of all of the conversation aren't remembered

it wasn't a heavy-duty ethical subject or anything like that

as it is recalled, it was light, good-natured, to and fro banter between young males enjoying each others company

the actual thought isn't remembered either

what is remembered is my reaction to it

my thought was "no, i don't want that"

it was undoubtedly a Stray thought

why do death-outcome assertions occur in the first place?

the unsatisfactory answer is because they can

our reality is, currently, the 3 of Pi

the reality of 3 is inherently finite

a finite reality which albeit, can be experienced endlessly

listen, people, if there was a reality within the confines of 3 which are wholly satisfactory to everyone we would be living it

the Lover has "been there and done that" with every variation of experience you can think of

within the context of Eternity, every set of circumstances contained within 3, no matter how desirable they will initially seem, will become Bland

it is the unrepeatably new of the inexhaustible endless which has both the quality and quantity of freshness which life craves

to achieve Straight line action all we have to do is follow the trail the Lover has laid out for us

all the hard work and the worst* is behind us

this is why ethical orientation has to be introduced into our notions of life/behaviour

it also needs to be understood that it takes practice to instil this trait into our being

once a death outcome assertion has become part of a person they will form earlier in the life of that person, any time after the brain is capable of forming structured sentences

an example of death-outcome assertions is

"starve til dead"

it is currently thought that this assertion began with a thought along the lines of, "if i had as much money as i wanted i could do whatever i wanted"

all death-outcome assertions have at least two aspects





each aspect is a variable

"drown in water"

"drown in oil"

"boil in water"

"boil in oil"

the strongest death-outcome assertions will be able to accommodate weaker death-outcome assertions but not the other way around

the assertion "drown in water" is a milder form of death than "boil in water"

equally, a weaker form of death cannot accommodate a stronger one

a man who killed in self-defence does not want to share a cell with a child-murderer

a child-murderer does not want to share a cell with a cannibal

cannibals have to be isolated

a death-outcome assertion does not become part of a person unless that person allows it to become part of himself or herself

* forget what you have thought until now, the reason for world war 1 is This