those who represent a collection or a population of people

one line of reasoning that impacts on an open mind is the odds against us being here when we introduce the part enzymes play in our anatomy

the chances of us being here are 10^40 000 against!

we only have to compare a googol (10^100) of years to 10^40 000 years to realise just how unlikely it is

to stress the point…

we throw a thousand sewing needles into the air

the needles land on their points and form the pattern of a triangle within a circle

our own common sense tells us it’s not going to happen

there has to be something else at play
14th june 2010

the writer is becoming convinced that the greatest chance of bringing about change, is for those of you who know what’s happening to act as ambassadors for the lover and for life

those who understand that the way to secure their future is to adjust their lifestyle accordingly (ethical parameters)

another vital points to consider is…

when you talk to someone who doesn’t believe in god it is your privileged position to explain why you do

any person who is open-minded and has the anthropic principle (it was the anthropic principle that led the writer to start thinking that god exists) explained to them cannot but start thinking that there must be something in the idea that intelligent design is built into the universe

then go on and prove there is life after death via
 genetic theory

the writer gets immense satisfaction through introducing people to the anthropic principle and the basic rationale of genetic theory

it’s pure magic to see their thinking taking a new direction be an ambassador for love and life

enlighten someone and give yourself some pleasure by doing so

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